Wojnar Alexandr

Alexandr Wojnar - Attorney at law Czech Republic

As an independent attorney operating a general practice in the legal office in Český Těšín, on the border between Poland and Czech Republic, I provide clients with comprehensive and quality legal services in all areas of law, with a special focus both on commercial law (legal consulting for business entity, corporate law, Czech-Polish business relationship), as well as an area of civil and labour law for a broad range of clients including non-profit sector entities. I also apply my experience in the area of criminal law, both during the preparation and lead the defence, and the representation of affected entities with their claims for damages in all stages of criminal proceedings.

The aim of my law firm is to provide clients with high quality legal services at a professional level, while maintaining the necessary level of ethical and moral principles. Providing my attorney services I offer my clients a lot of flexibility and personal approach.

I am ready to provide clients with single professional legal consultation as well as long-term legal representation. In some cases, after agreement with the client, I closely cooperate with public notaries, accountants and tax consultants, patent agents and interpreters.

After I take over a legal representation, I will resolve your issues promptly, efficiently and discreetly, using all legal means in order to reach - within possibility - the maximum satisfactory result to a client.

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